Medicare Supplement Premiums – 3 ways Medigap Plans are Priced

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Medigap Supplement Premiums: 3 ways Medigap Plans are Priced

If you already have a Medigap plan or you are researching options, you may want to know how carriers price their Medicare Supplement premiums, so you can have a good grasp about how future rate adjustments work.

In this video, I’ll cover the three pricing methods insurance carriers use to determine Medigap premiums.

Attained-Age Medigap 1:41
Issue-Age Medigap 4:30
Community Rated Medigap 6:31

We’ll review the definition, according to CMS, for each pricing method and then break down the pros and cons.

I’ll also explain how a Community Rated Medigap Plan can include an age based enrollment discount.

And, make sure you stay to the end for my bonus tips…where I answer the question…”what’s the best pricing method?”

Thanks for watching!

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