AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F – Is It The Best Medicare Supplement?

Call (888) 310-0376 to Get a Quote. AARP Medicare Supplement Plan F is offered by United Healthcare. This video addresses whether or not AARP Plan F is the best Medicare supplement.

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The first thing you should understand about Medicare supplement policies (also known as Medigap) is that plans are standardized. That means that the core benefits contained in AARP Medicare supplement Plan F will be the same no matter which insurance company makes Plan F available.

AARP is not the insurance company. United Healthcare is the insurance company. In order to buy an AARP Medicare branded supplement you will need to be a member of AARP. There are many benefits of membership beyond being able to buy a supplement and the annual fee is very reasonable.

As far as AARP Medicare supplement being the best medicare supplement, the question really needs to be re-phrased in light of understanding that Medigap policies are standardized plans.

A better question would be, "Is AARP Medicare supplement Plan F the most comprehensive?" And the answer would be yes. In addition to Plan F paying your share of expenses for all Medicare-covered services, AARP Plans include discounts on vision, drugs and include a Silver Sneakers Gym membership.

The discount on drugs is just that, a discount. It is not Medicare part D drug coverage nor a replacement for Part D.

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